Hot & Cold with Arm & Hammer!

Almost a year ago I took an English class where my professor insisted that we visit at least half a dozen galleries (along with the High Line) in Chelsea. So two weeks ago, when I was invited to a brand event I was more than intrigued, and certainly more than willing to venture back into Chelsea. Who … Continue reading

#WorldsLargestBakeSale with Sandra Lee hits NYC! #cbias

This past Wednesday I headed out to support No Kid Hungry and the Food Bank of New York City at Sandra Lee’s (Food Network) World’s Largest Bake Sale! The bake sale was being held in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central, and featured a slew of celebrity guests as well as about 30 of NYC’s finest … Continue reading

Find Free Local Beauty Events!

There’s nothing like going to an event for a brand or product that you love. So in order to keep up with all the local beauty events out there I frequently visit! Not only does this site list beauty events from all over the country – they also host various beauty giveaways every month … Continue reading

Chuck E. Cheese, #BlogHer12, and Other Talon News

Last week I went to Chuck E. Cheese with the younger sibs for some fun and games- and I wanted to talk about that for a bit. For those of you who don’t know, Chuck E. Cheese is like an arcade chain for kids- and it’s hugely popular for birthday parties, school trips, and for … Continue reading