Love with Food Box: October 2012

I was so thrilled with this month’s Love with Food box that I went straight to Target and bought some of the GoGo Squeeze apple sauce on the go packets (I think I bought a box of every flavor). It’s definitely one of my favorite products now- it’s so yummy, if you haven’t tried it … Continue reading

Michael Angelo’s and a sweepstakes not to be missed!

Food has always been a source of comfort for me. Maybe it’s because I have such a culturally rich background, or maybe it’s because I spent many hours at my mom’s elbow learning how to bake, cook, and create good food. But for me, the most comforting of all the foods that I’ve eaten is … Continue reading

New Iron Man 3 Trailer Released!

After watching The Avengers (more times then I care to admit) I cannot wait for more Marvel movies! I already own Thor, and I can’t wait to add Captain America and The Avengers to my DVD collection this Christmas (I’m anticipating some serious Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales on these). While I wait to … Continue reading

Snyder’s of Hanover Review & FLASH Giveaway! Ends 10/24

I consider myself pretty crafty. I mean I’ve been scrapbooking and card making for years, I’m a frequent Michaels shopper, and I even took a Wilton cake decorating class a couple years ago. However, when I set out to create some amazing themed snacks using only the best ingredients- fondants, frostings, decorative icings, sprinkles, and … Continue reading

Fav’s Under 400 Giveaway! Ends 10/25

I love taking Shawn and Juliet (my younger sibs a.k.a. “the kids”) to McDonald’s. As two seriously active kids they don’t always have to watch their calorie intake like their older sister. So I was super thrilled when I heard earlier this past summer about McDonald’s Favorite’s Under 400 Menu- it’s a listing of all … Continue reading

Snack Happy with popchips!

I’m constantly snacking. I mean seriously, between school, blogging, and trekking around the city non-stop – I rely on my snacks as fuel for life. However, I don’t always snack healthily. In fact, my favorite snack is chips – which if you’ve ever turned the bag over and glanced at the nutritional facts know it’s … Continue reading

Get Dressed Up with Kiss Giveaway! Ends 10/24

For those of you who’ve read The NYC Talon before, you probably know that I’m a massive fan of the Kiss and Broadway Nails brand. If you haven’t read The NYC Talon before (hi there!) then you’ve probably heard of imPRESS nails or Kiss Nail Dress – they’ve taken the beauty world by storm by … Continue reading

Country Life Maxi Hair Supplement Review

Back in the beginning of summer I had a bit of a crisis. I could have sworn that I was losing my hair. There seemed to an influx in hair left on my brush, and down my shower drain. As somebody who has lived her whole life with lush locks I was pretty nervous about … Continue reading

ROCKtoberfest $25 Cash Giveaway!

Welcome to ROCKtoberfest hosted by Cheap Is The *New* Classy! Many bloggers have come together to bring you this awesome music themed giveaway hop! This event runs until 10/15 to give you plenty of time to enter on everyone’s blog for more chances to win fabulous prizes! All of the prizes are music related and … Continue reading