Fat Witch Brownies NYC

I’ve always been a sucker for a good brownie. However, despite my impressive cookin’ skills the only person in my house who can throw down a good brownie is my older sister. Unfortunately, she didn’t like the last time I tried to chain her down to the kitchen stove and force her to make me a mountainous heap of chocolately treats. Alas, I’ve had to turn to alternate sources of sugar income. Luckily, NYC is choc-full of places to satiate my brownie cravings. My most favorite of them is Fat Witch Bakery.

Located in Chelsea Market, Fat Witch’s legendary brownies are the stuff of dreams. My personal favorite is the turtle witch – a super rich brownie with pecans and a heavy helping of caramel. Their store, in a prime foodie location, is the epitome of simplicity. No heavy branding or wild colors are needed here to draw in customers- the product speaks for itself.

Having enjoyed the fruits of Fat Witch, I would totally encourage any NY’er or visitor to stop by their store- it’s the only place where you can get their fresh bakery brownies (these aren’t advertised on their website, so you can’t get them any place else). My recommendations are the turtle witch, caramel witch, the original fat witch, and the walnut witch. They’re the perfect brownie- dense, sweet, decadent, chocolately, yum.

Don’t live in NYC, and not heading here any time soon? That’s okay- Fat Witch ships! Every brownie ships ready to eat- and contain no preservatives! They also have a cookbook- which I can personally vouch for. I’ve tried brownies made with their recipe book- they are amazing and taste just as good as the ones in store. A used copy costs around $7 on amazon.

2 Responses to “Fat Witch Brownies NYC”
  1. filthysocks says:

    yummm love love ove!

  2. Debbie Welchert says:

    These brownies look amazing and their huge. I don’t live in NYC and pleased to find out they ship.

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