Find Free Local Beauty Events!

There’s nothing like going to an event for a brand or product that you love. So in order to keep up with all the local beauty events out there I frequently visit! Not only does this site list beauty events from all over the country – they also host various beauty giveaways every month –

In order to find out about the closest beauty event going on near you, you simply enter your zipcode in the search box at the top right corner of their webpage- and viola! Now you know what fab events are taking place in your area!

One such event this month happens to be in the Chicago, IL area- Pamper Me Fabulous:

“Spend a day with the girls and the things you love! Pamper Me Fabulous celebrates YOU in a full day of inspirational programming for mind, body, spirit. This ultimate Women’s Day Out from 11am-5pm features workouts, workshops, shopping, beauty, spa, health, and wellness bests, free flowing bubbly, desserts, a gift bag and uplifting energy.”
See here for more!

And as for giveaways- well, this month ten lucky winners will receive a Dr.Lewinn and Sally Hansen prize pack!

Want to know how you can win? Click here and enter!

Like on Facebook, follow them on twitter, pinterest, or subscribe to their blog to stay afloat on the best in beauty!

2 Responses to “Find Free Local Beauty Events!”
  1. Crimmy Lynn says:

    I am always interested in going to free beauty events, but never know where to find them. Thanks for sharing the site – I will have to check it out & find some events in my area to hit this weekend! Thanks!

  2. alisa says:

    looks so cool, i started following on fb even though there was no events in my area right now… im hoping they will have something sometime soon! the concept is great either way! thanks!

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