Feature Film Friday: True Grit (1969/2010)

I always love me a good Western. So choosing True Grit to feature on this friday’s post was a no-brainer. True Grit is based off of a novel by Charles Portis about a tough US Marshall and a Texas Ranger who help track down the killer of 14 year old Maddie Ross’ father. Along with Maddie, who determinedly seeks retribution for her fathers murder, US Marshall Rooster Cogburn and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf set out for Indian country in hope’s of catching the ever elusive Tom Chaney. What’s really great is that both the 1969 version, starring John Wayne, and the 2010 version, starring Jeff Bridges, are both extremely well done movies- so whichever one you choose to watch, you ‘ll be in for a real treat ;)

Here’s the 2010 Trailer (btw, the soundtrack for this movie is ah-maze-ing):

Jeff Bridges and John Wayne play Rooster differently, as well as Hailee Steinfield and Kim Darby (Maddie Ross), so I promise if you decide to see them both you won’t be bored at all. And this is the 1969 Trailer:

Memorable True Grit Quote:

You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God. – Maddie Ross

So do you plan on seeing True Grit? Are you a fan of Westerns? What movie would you like to see next on Feature Film Friday?

4 Responses to “Feature Film Friday: True Grit (1969/2010)”
  1. I haven’t seen the newer version of this yet. I like to rent both movies and watch them on the same day. This would probably be a fun choice to do with this film as well.

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