Tanya Burr, Make-Up Artist Extrordinaire

When I started the NYC Talon I knew that I wanted to feature “artists”, websites, and people that sort of resonate with me and my readers. However, since I don’t have any readers quite yet I picked somebody who I really admire- and that’s Tanya Burr! Ever since I was a little girl I loved … Continue reading

Pulling a Grandma: The Art of the Sample

When I was little, like about five years old, I discovered sampling. I was shopping at Stew Leonard’s with my mom and grandma when we happened to be carting by the massive vat of buy-by-the-pound pistachios. Now my grandma- never being one to deny herself, and an avid nut lover- reached into the pistachio pool … Continue reading

Me and Joe: A love story

Trader Joe’s. You’ve probably heard his name before. Maybe it was uttered on the lips of a semi-homemade cook, or possibly a broke student, but today you’re going to hear about him from me. I distinctly remember when a Trader Joe’s opened in Union Square. I was in middle school at the time, and was … Continue reading